• I'm having a lot of fun with the polychain midi mode!

    I tweaked my 2 SMR-4 boards to sound / behave as close as possible (which is quite hard btw!) to use with polychain mode. While tweaking I had one panned hard left and one hard right. I noticed that because the 2 voices are slightly different you get very nice spacious effects when you are playing them with the same settings. It's a well known trick, but normally this is done via dubbing because you don't usually have multiple copies of the same instrument.

    To use the Shruthi like that it would be really helpful to have a mode that is basically the same was polychain but passing all of the notes along. In other words have the units synchronize the settings but playing the voices in unison.

    I'm hoping this could be an easy addition to the firmware.

    I realize that this is already possible if you stack multiple filter boards on a single control board, but that is not really an option if you want to keep your setup flexible.
  • Set the master unit in “MIDI = full” mode and it will send NRPN messages propagating all parameter modifications.

  • Nice! I now see it's written in the manual literally:

    "These messages can be used to record knob movements in a sequencer, or to synchronize 2 Shruthi-1 in Unison mode."

    Cool stuff.