Filterboard similar to sherman filterbank
  • I wonder If it is possible make something similar sherman filterbank, For filtering audio signals with shruthi or sideckick.
    Thank you for your raplays.
  • Yo Marco. Shure its possible, just get some OpAmps et al. and go for it ;-)

  • What do you think is the most important thing in this product? The filter core in itself or all the envelope following / modulations it offers? Because simply doing a filter that sounds similar to it might not be enough… And there’s probably not enough room in the “Shruthi-format” for bringing all the envelope following and modulation functions…

    Given that there is no schematics published I have no idea what kind of filter is that (it looks multimode, so maybe it’s just a vanilla 2-poles SVF)...

    Any reason to think that it will bring a very different sonic character than the existing dual SVF?

  • I really think that I can't do that by myself.
    How many filterborad do you think I need (two complete shruthi's with DSP and polivosks for example?).
  • Hi, pichenettes. This is the software omologue, it sounds very near to the hardware one.
    It is made by audiodamage as vst and this is the link:
    I don't know dual svf (my loss) but I'm here to learn.
    I'd like an hardware version on shruthi.
  • To be clear: what do you need that the existing dual SVF board cannot provide?

  • No, sorry I don't know how dual svf works. Perhaps is what I need. I apologise but I do not know how it works and if one board is enough or I need a chain of two or more.
  • The dual SVF board has two filters. They can be configured as serial / parallel and can process external inputs. You can use the Shruthi-1 mod matrix to program complex cutoff/resonance modulation patterns.

  • Envelopefollowing would be nice with the sidekick...
  • Yes on sideckick woul be ok. Can I put svf dual on sideckick without patching firmware?
  • I’d like to see you patching the SideKicks Firmware ;-)

  • The Sidekick has no firmware!!!

    If you put the dual SVF board on a Sidekick:

    • You will have to remove the 4053 and put 3 switches inside.
    • You will not have any dedicated control or mod source for the cutoff/resonance of the second filter.

    There is no way to get envelope following on the Sidekick / Shruthi. The external audio signal arrives and stays on the filter board.

  • Just checked the specs for the Filterbank Classic as far as i understand it has no Envelope Follower, just a Detector that triggers the Integrated ADSR Generator.

    Building such a thingy that Triggers a Note on the Shruthi via MIDI or the Sidekicks AR Button should be a matter of a WeekEnd….

    The only question left for me is why the hell tend people to find a way to use (mostly cheaper) gear in a way it wasn’t supposed to work – hence designed totally different – to achieve things special purpose gear does? Wouldn’t it be easier to just get that specialized gear than to put lots of effort in bending other things?

    If I need a screw i get one instead of asking if my nail could be somehow transformed. But thats just me….

    Im getting philosophical, if anyone wants to join me on this discussion ill happily make an entry to the “Census of totally derailed Threads Thread” for this one.


  • Hi
    I used to have a Sherman Filterbank, and i own a Dual-SVF Shruthi.
    They don't really sound the same (even if with the 0.95 firmware and the coupling mode with offset you can get some similar things).
    The Sherman is dirtier, as the filter is made to be overdriven by the input level, and it can self-oscillate, iirc.
    Some features i liked a lot on the Sherman was the Amplitude modulation and the analogue FM, which should not be overlooked.

    I haven't yet tried to use my SHruthi as a filter, so i don't know about the filter's behaviour when you overdrive the input, and i don't know if there is a way to make the lfo go up to the audio range ?
  • Ah, also, it is indeed multimode, but in a very unique way, and you can "morph" from one kind of filter to another smoothly, it is not a switch.

    The modulations features were not as outstanding as that, on the Sherman : only one LFO, not so many inputs (for connecting LFO or triggers from hardware gear)... I think the SHruthi might be more powerfull on this side ;)
  • Ah I see then it’s probably not a SVF but more a “pole mixing” thing like the Oberheims or this weird Schippman thing. Doesn’t look like it will fit the Shruthi-1 board size / control interface constraints.

  • “weird Schippman thing”

    Yes! Now you’re talking. Can you make me up one of those and have the boards ready for sale by next weekend, please? Thanks!

  • If you want something like the Filterbank, but build it yourself, perhaps Oakley’s Filtrex II could be of interest?

  • I thought it is already sold out??!?

  • But back in stock in April they write…

  • Filtrex is a Moog clone (4 pole LPF), but very nice feature wise. Built one off the last run :)

  • @pichenettes: the answer is I'm noob. Sorry.
    @fcd72: I know that if you want a knife is better to buy a knife but sometimes a cutter is 3-4 times less expensive and can do the job. I'm not professional on music making, so I asked something similar to sherman's filterbank. I can say Good enough, not the same.
    I took a look on effetrix II and it is interesting also if sold out till april, but I think is sounding very different from sherman's filter.
    Thanks to all, We are going close to the result indeed.
  • Just to let you all know; the new run of boards for the Filtrex II are in (and I’ve ordered one)...

  • @Lindeborg:

    thanks for the hint about filtrex beeing available again.
    it is tmepting, but looks expensive and hard to source with all the that ics and all.

    is there a estimate cost somewhere for all the parts?

  • I haven’t seen any estimate but I guess it will be no cheap build, and then there’s he suggested Schaeffer-enclosure on top of that. I there is interest I can publish some figures as I go along, but I have a Echo Base and some other stuff to finish before I can start on this and summer is really slow DIY-wise for me anyway…

  • “Total cost is around 150£, very much depending on the quality of your chosen enclosure”
    ^- Taken from the Oakley site, as far as I’ve figured it out, they used a 35£ enclosure+frontpanel from schaeffer though..
    I’m really considering doing a stereo version, this however depends heavily on if i get my hands on a Novation Supernova II keyboard or not
    (If i do I’m going to spend the next year or two in a cave with it).

  • 150£ sounds low, the PCB with tempcos and pot brackets where 40£, 35£ for 1U rack enclosure with custom front panel sounds low too, but if that’s true I’m pleased.

  • i had a more detailed look at it now.
    i am still not sure about it, but i think i`ll get one.

    maybe we can team up sourcing some components.
    i noticed these that300P are only available in quantities of 3 and more from profusion which seems to be the main distributer (at least in europe). musikding and banzaimusic doesn`t have them.
    i didn`t look at the other parts yet.

  • You can get THAT ICs from Mouser or Small Bear without resorting to exotic means.

  • Is this thing all that cool? I found the sound samples to be sort of underwhelming… It’s a long way from the mangling capabilities of the Schippman or the Sherman filters. The Shruthi filters seem way more intense, especially the digital board and the Dual-SVF.

    I don’t know. I’m just thinking out loud… sorry. I certainly do not need another well-behaved, sedate, filter in my lineup. I have always liked the sound of the Schippman Ebbe unt Flut, but the price has kept me at a safe distance.

  • @jojelito: thanks for the hint.

    @titus: i am not sure. the features are cool i think – env follower in particular. i have been searching for more sound examples. but didn`t find any so far.

    it would be really cool, if there was sidekick mk2 with env follower and env triggered by audio input…

  • I bought some stuff to start a break out box for my Sidekick. I don’t know where the hell it’s going to be honest. For starters I want the Smurf matrix on the outside so I can work with it. I learned the hard way that you don’t want to connect two sources to the same destination, but I was thinking maybe a bunch of BBM rotary switches? They would allow me to route out all of the options on the fly and eliminate the possibility of connecting two sources to one destination. Seemed like the simplest way to accomplish it… After that, I thought I’d start to poke around in the circuit and see what I can find. I’m going to connect the boxes with IDC connectors and ribbon cables.

  • @Lindeborg i highly doubt that the case WITH engraved frontpanel is 35£, i guess they paid 35£ for the case alone (They really like their cases _)
    Anyways, if building a stereo unit/if you already have some Oakley gear, you can apparently omit the power section, since the other piece of Oakley gear/the master unit would then power both..

  • Found the THAT300P matched transistor array at Mouser.

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